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ChungHo Nais

We are Pure Creator 

We have been dreaming of well-being society free from various pollutions, where human may be able to drink pure water, breathe fresh air and thus enjoy desirable clean and healthy life. We are manufacturing water purifier, air purifier, bidet and softener etc. mainly focusing on water and air cleaning appliance. Now, Chungho is studying sleeping environment as well.

Customer’s satisfaction and health maintenance are only the rewards we are looking forward to. 
People who know Water best in the world

The meaning of ChungHo is ‘ clear lake’.
ChungHo group has invested a lot of time and effort to providing clean and healthy water like a ‘clear lake’ since 1993.
Now, endless passion, devotion, and challenges go beyond from water to air and environmental in general.

Chungho Standard, Global Standard

The world’s first technology made by ChungHo soon becomes the industry standard. The industry is benchmarking ChungHo’s leading technology. We don’t care much about it. Because ChungHo is already studying new technology. Our mission is to make new product far better in quality than before. So the competitor of ChungHo is ChungHo itself.

For More information : Call / Whatsapp: 014-6611 061

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